Through our Enterprise Partner Agreements Modus Security is able to offer one of the best SOC and Managed Security Services Solutions not only in Australia but the wider Asia Pacific region. Developed on OpenMSS technology, our Managed SOCs have been designed and implemented to be robust, adaptable and provide ongoing 24/7 security services like never seen before. By utilising our Managed Security Services and employing the powerful enterprise partner networks of our organisation you can reduce overheads, costs and security concerns from your own organisation knowing that you are dealing with only the best technologies, people and solutions on a global scale.

A Modus Security Managed Service offers peace of mind and reliability with for major organisations looking for a professional state-of-the-art security solution for its IT, Data, and Physical Assets. 24/7 monitoring and active protection can be employed for your organisation on a Managed Services basis from multiple geographical locations ensuring full redundancy, latency and security management.

Cyber Security is at the heart and core of Modus Security’s offering and services. Our elite team of cyber experts, engaged across all competencies and functions are experts in identifying and responding to the most advanced threats and cyber attacks across wide and complex organisations. By obtaining a global reach we employ only the best cyber experts with proven expertise, methodologies and intelligence to identify and manage new and emerging cyber threats.