Regardless of it is forensic analysis or incident response services that you require, our solutions are designed to help our clients understand the threats and vulnerabilities that are present to their organisation. Modus Security’s Cyber specialists help you identify and manage these threats and vulnerabilities inside your environment and externally to mitigate risk and protect your critical data. We also provide the critical component of ensuring regulatory compliance and certified Security Audits as required..

Our highly skilled Cyber team perform penetration tests, audits and reviews of your, infrastructure, applications, data, and systems to identify vulnerabilities and risks. We then rank these to assist in balancing your asset value to assist in reducing your corporate wide risk exposure and risk profile. By measuring the severity of your vulnerabilities, we can introduce cost effective recommendations that will mitigate threats, reduce your corporate risk profile and improve security measures across your enterprise.

Cyber Solutions

Our Cyber Security Solutions include:

• Penetration Testing:

application, network, wireless, and social engineering – we robustly test and stress test your organisation to demonstrate the security level of your organisations’ and key vulnerabilities and infrastructure through simulation of real world attacks.

• Vulnerability Assessment:

Pro-active steps to secure your environment by identifying and remediating known security exposures before potential attackers do.

• Regulatory Compliance:

Effective quick reviews of your enterprise security compliance from board room implementations through to physical security practices –this will help to develop a profile for maintaining compliance with legislative regulations and industry standards.

• Application Security:

Dynamic (Black), Static (White) and Source Code reviews identifies critical vulnerabilities in applications such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, buffer overflows, unhandled error conditions and potential back-doors.

What we do

Modus Security can provide your executive management team with high level Security and Compliance reports so that you can quickly and effectively understand your organisations IT Risk exposure and potential mitigation strategies that are cost effective and timely in implementation.