We are IT Security. We are a whole greater than the sum. We are the future in Cyber Security delivery. Our ambition and achievable goal is to become the number one destination for IT security experts looking for attractive consulting assignments.

By retaining and striving for absolute excellence, we expect nothing but the best from our members and deliver this to our client solutions, time and time again. MODUS, IT SECURITY, PROTECTION.


We are passionately proud of our people, our culture, and our team association. Through strong networks, strong personal interactions and a reputation for the-best-of-the-best delivery, MODUS Security has become an employee of choice.

We don’t follow fixed ideas, we don’t follow the pack but instead, we form new trails and new paths through a somewhat unknown IT security landscape.

We support our members, teams and clients anb back each of our individuals to achieve the best security and IT practices that we can offer.
Our hiring process begins well before the interview, well before candidate selection and well before job creation. By knowing our market, by investing in our network’s and reputation and by being proudly passionate to be number one in our vertical, MODUS Security ensures that we are already one step ahead for the brilliance and excellence that our members display.


At MODUS Security we ensure a holistic approach to client services and consultant assignments. We understand that by achieving a harmonious balance with our client assignments, each of our consultants can grow in technology and services delivery for the betterment of both client and staff.


We know that our consultants are amongst the best in the industry, well recognized for their individual talents and highly skilled with the Cyber Security vertical. Whether it is penetration testing, firewall execution or white hat/red hat teams for deployment, MODUS Security offers an excellent environment to deliver on some of the most exciting customer based assignments and technologies.
You will have the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds, the best technologies and the largest global clients within the Cyber Security Domain.


If you love Networks we want to talk. If you are passionate about Firewalls, we want to listen. If you can develop next generation SOC management frameworks, we have the team for you. Your IT Security Passion is fostered, sought after and enhanced at MODUS Security. By being amongst the best allows you to challenge yourself to be the best – At MODUS, our OPERANDI is number one.


Wether a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional, we provide a range of training and professional learning programs to help our employees add to their skills. These programs are core to our offering because we know that unless our employees are continually learning, they are falling behind in this ever evolving industry. We also encourage less formal learning opportunities available through challenging assignments and mentoring by our senior and mid-level staff.