We are IT Security. We are a whole greater than the sum. We are the future in Cyber Security delivery. Our ambition and achievable goal is to become the number one destination for IT security experts looking for attractive consulting assignments.

By retaining and striving for absolute excellence, we expect nothing but the best from our members and deliver this to our client solutions, time and time again. MODUS, IT SECURITY, PROTECTION.


Building from the years of experience within the IT market place and spawning from some of the best IT experts both in Australia and globally, MODUS security was formed to leverage our security expertise into your corporate environment and your IT projects. As the strategic partners of some of the largest IT companies in Australia, MODUS security has proven delivery, trust, reliability and utmost professionalism helping to safegaurd corporate enterprise from not only today’s threat but also well into the feature.
Cyber security is evolving at a rapid pace and requires a global approach to understand the latest threats and technologies- The team at MODUS security ensure global trends, global paterns and best of breed processes and technologies are employed and understood in delivering security solutions at an Enterprise level.


Every Organisation needs to know with peace of mind that their systems, critical data, employee information and customer data is secure at all times. Our team of experts will help you achieve this goal. Our Protection, your peace of mind.
Our MODUS Operandi Starts with a security centric approach. Endorsed from board level down ensuring that each component of the organisation understands not only their role in obtaining enterprise security but also the ever evolving threats that are present in the digital environment.


Each member, network, team member or associate has been hand selected and specifically sought after to join our diverse and growing team of highly capable and proud Security Experts.

By Ensuring strict recruitment, branding and quality processes, MODUS Security proudly holds some of the best IT Security and Cyber Professionals both in Australia and Globally.

With offices and networks located across Asia Pac. and Northern USA we are well positioned to attract the highest of security talent and ensure MODUS Security remains as the goto destination for IT and Cyber Security Professionals.

At MODUS Security we know that you are passionate about IT and Cyber Security, that’s why you engaged with us, networked with some of our best or simply reached our network through curiosity. We are also passionate about IT and Cyber Security – a team of passionate professionals, ready to help enterprise secure at all levels of the organization.

MODUS We have attracted tier-one global talent to work with us here in Australia and North America, and their track record and previous engagements showcase the extent to which they are amongst the finest subject matter experts in the world. Our leadership team have been drawn from the most successful organizations across the globe, where they have already achieved a proven track record of innovation and success.

SECURITY MODUS Security is the only IT and Cyber Security company in the region dedicated solely to Security Professional Services.

OPERANDI Our key differentiator is that we engage the highest caliber of cyber security experts, who are trusted implicitly having been vetted by governments and large corporations.